Our Mission

Feed Your Wolf was founded on the simple belief that You always have a choice.  

Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to find choice in every situation, so that they can choose to Live On Purpose and Lead Beyond Fear.

Our Vision

We envision a more inclusive, equal and just world made up of responsible leaders that choose to lead by example.



We work with entrepreneurs, startups, organizations, non profits and foundations who want to dramatically improve the quality of their impact while maximizing profit by investing in their people.  More importantly we work with people that have big ideas and believe anything is possible.


  • We believe great leadership is a choice.
  • We believe great leadership is critical to the success of any organization.
  • We believe that great leaders stay grounded and connected to their values, especially when navigating ambiguity and complexity.
  • We believe great leaders choose to lead by example and model the behaviors they want to cultivate in the people around them.
  • We believe business can be a powerful vehicle for change.
  • We believe great companies aren’t created by accident, they are designed intentionally to bring the best out of their people.
  • We believe great companies are made up of people who communicate authentically and directly.
  • We believe great business can maximize profits by maximizing the value of all stakeholders including customers, employees, vendors, shareholders and society.


We work with leaders at all levels to dramatically improve the quality of their impact.


We work with teams to maximize their cohesiveness and productivity while increasing trust.


We work with organizations to maximize their human potential while maximizing profits.

Learn How We Can Work Together

Below Are Just A Few Benefits Our Clients Report, There Are Plenty More


  • Less Stress, Pain and Anxiety

  • More Productivity

  • Increased Creativity

  • More Confidence

  • More Engagement

  • Faster results

  • Higher Levels of Focus

  • Higher Levels of Fulfillment

  • Better, Faster & More Confident Decision Making


  • Higher Levels of Cohesiveness

  • Less Conflict & Faster Resolutions

  • Higher Levels of Engagement

  • Less Frustration & More Fun

  • Stronger Communication

  • Higher Levels of Trust

  • Higher Sense of Support

  • Higher Levels of Commitment

  • Higher Levels of Responsibility


  • Increased Profit

  • Deeper Alignment Among Employees

  • Shared Responsibility & Goals

  • Boosts in Employee Motivation

  • Increase in Company Morale

  • Less Turnover

  • Increased Innovation

  • Increased Communcations

  • Increased Engagement

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