Customized Leadership Development

We offer a broad assortment of assessments, workshops, training and development tools that can be tailored to address the needs of you and your growing organization.

We also offer custom designed development experiences for your high potentials and executive teams.

Our Process, Produces Results


We begin by working together to clearly identify and then clarify your desired results.


Together we uncover any blind-spots through our discovery process and analyzing the data.


Together we partner to design a solution tailored specifically for your specific needs and challenges.


We take action and implement your custom solution to achieve your desired results.

“Training plus coaching led to an increase of 88 percent in productivity, versus 23 percent from training alone.”

—Centre for Management and Organizational Effectiveness

I love working with Rey. He’s warm, professional, quick to pick up on subtleties and a great motivator. I would highly recommend engaging Rey for coaching or other leadership initiatives.

John Erik Metcalf, Entrepreneur | Passionate about community and technology

Rey is simply way beyond his years. As someone twice his age, I am amazed at his wisdom and understanding. He is truly living in his calling and he is well equipped for the courageous calling forth his clients receive. We will all be buying Rey’s best selling book one day.

Russ Parker, Head of Creative Leadership at Kit and Ace

As someone that had never had leadership/personal coaching before, I was completely unsure of what my experience with Rey and coaching would be. I was expecting a few helpful tidbits of generic leadership knowledge and that would be that. Instead, I was completely blown away with Rey’s coaching style and also his incredible ability to subtly pick up on issues that I myself wasn’t aware of and to bring them to the forefront. Suffice it to say that since my coaching session with Rey, I feel like I am a completely different person. We went through a number of incredibly valuable exercises that I think better helped me understand myself, my motivations, drivers and what I really want in life as a whole. I left our session with a clear perspective, actionable items for self-improvement and a renewed vigor in both my personal and professional life. I truly believe that when I look back at my life in 5 years, my coaching session with Rey will be a major blimp on my life map where I will be able to directly pinpoint my change in direction that really helped further align me towards my desired path. I would highly recommend Rey’s leadership coaching to any and everyone looking for helpful guidance and perspective on any aspects of their lives. I feel as though I am on the path to becoming a stronger leader, mentor, friend and overall person due to my coaching session with Rey. I cannot recommend him enough. Thank you Rey!

Bogdan Constantin, Co-founder/CMO at Menguin

Rey’s coaching was remarkable! His genuine nature keeps the conversation real and his confident support was easily felt even from the other side of the world! Rey’s coaching guided me through my doubts and awakened the confidence within myself needed to make my goals a reality.

Delfina Zagarzazu, Sustainable Businesses

My coaching experience with Rey was excellent, and I would highly recommend him to others.

I’d never done coaching before, and honestly was quite unsure what to expect. If anything, I have viewed coaching rather skeptically, but was interested to see how a session could go.

I was surprised to find that it was extremely easy to delve quickly into some main constraints to my own career, and Rey quickly gave me some tools and mechanisms to be more focused and productive with my work. He was easy to talk to, funny, and very encouraging. He tried a few different methods and was able to go with what stuck for the client (me) to provide a very personalized experience.

As someone used to being a chronic “overachiever” or “yes” person, I get sidetracked and am unable to focus entirely on one project, and often find my own performance lacking, even if the client I’m working with is satisfied with the outcome. By far the best value I received as a result of the coaching with Rey were methods to shut out all the side projects for periods of time, and get things done excellently in a sub sequential way. I’ve been extremely productive and proud of what I’ve gotten done since our session.

I think that many people could benefit from Rey’s coaching, and would recommend reaching out to him!

Alyssa Rivera, Marketing and Analyst - Sustainable Development

Rey is not afraid to take you to the places that make you squirm, because those are the places where you’re stuck (and are usually too busy or scared to see). That’s exactly what happened at my first coaching session, which triggered sweeping changes to my business within days. While it was ultimately up to me to acknowledge bottlenecks and create change, Rey’s guidance shined light on the problems and accelerated growth.

Carolyn Gale

Rey is an awesome coach. From our first session, he gave me tactile, easy-to-apply guidance that made an immediate impact in both my personal and professional life. He is tough and demands results, which is exactly what I needed to push me through some of the difficult challenges I needed his guidance on. Rey is also young and innovative, bringing a refreshing perspective to the table. Highly recommend Rey!

Katie McConnell, CPA, Founder of Hire Education

I really can’t believe how much was accomplished in so little time! I expected a few tips on how to live and work more effectively, but I got much more than that!. The conversation was completely authentic, Rey was able to quickly see the things that I didn’t even realize were holding me back.

Rey pushes you in a positive way which allows you to think outside your ordinary box, reflect deeply and then take action. Not only has he helped me “jump” into the next phase of my life with excitement, but he has given me the ability to see my life with so much more clarity. I would absolutely recommend coaching with Rey, it’s definitely worth it!

Grace Lee, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant

I’ve received coaching from Rey on both an individual basis and in a group setting, and my experience and growth exceeded all expectations. I would recommend Rey as a coach to anyone seeking to strengthen leadership skills, address entrepreneurial challenges, and to those who are ready to grow from deep introspection. A few of the most rewarding achievements I had from working with Rey were embracing failure and finding opportunity from it, learning to choose my state of mind and controlling my thoughts, creating productive daily habits, leveraging my resources around me and learning to effectively delegate, and practicing difficult conversations. I attribute living a more purposeful, fulfilling, and authentic life to my work with Rey

Allie Eklund, Financial Advisor at Tridea Advisors

I scheduled a coaching session with Rey when I realized I needed to make a change but wasn’t quite sure how. Between running my startup and raising my toddler, I felt that however hard I tried to be intentional with my time, I was operating re-actively. I had previously never worked with a coach and was not sure what to expect, but I’d heard Rey speak at a conference and of his outstanding reputation as a coach so I figured it was well worth the investment. I must say, I was blown away at what we were able to accomplish in our first session. Rey is a kind and thoughtful coach, he listens and it is obvious to me he skillfully tailors each session to the individual. I am not one to leave reviews on the internet, but I felt so strongly about our interaction that I felt compelled to write here to highly recommend Rey.

Kate Marie Sigfusson, Founder / #startupmom CEO at Babies4Babies

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